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Cross Keys International Dressage Horses

Matched to your unique needs and budget

All of our top grand prix dressage riders started somewhere; yet the more affordable dressage horses for sale continue to be somewhat overlooked by those in the equestrian industry.
Cross Keys International Dressage Horses efficiently locate and match riders to horses based on their individual requirements and budgets. This does not mean that quality is in any way jeopardised - only that our choices are more discerning when looking for the perfect dressage horse. Why don't you take a look at some of our international horses and young stock currently for sale?

Realistic prices - producing future grand prix riders naturally

It is more than possible for Cross Keys International to locate fantastic dressage horses for sale, at realistic prices, for established and aspiring riders. I have contacts throughout Europe who have phenomenal dressage horses for sale - and it would be my pleasure to introduce you to them.
With help from some of the top professionals in the equestrian industry, Cross Keys aims to assist novice, intermediate and advanced riders in finding that special horse to help them progress naturally in their riding careers. Only by matching horse and rider accurately are we able to produce our star grand prix riders of the future.

Stress Free way of finding a dressage horse

Although Cross Keys is based in Hampshire, UK, our business is truly international. We can help clients from any location on their journey to locate the perfect dressage horses for sale.
Our aim is to remove the stress, so far as possible, from purchasing your new horse - no matter how far your journey. With this in mind we offer a number of additional services; we can organise your transportation, book hotels and arrange accommodation. When we have located, but prior to purchase, the new horse we can arrange for a comprehensive vetting by top equestrian veterinarians; then finally we can organise transportation of your new horse from place of purchase to his or her new home.

About Charlotte Nash

My great-grandparents and my grandparents all owned race horses and my mother has always been an owner and breeder of top international dressage horses and advanced eventers. My childhood was dominated by horses and as I got older I was increasingly captivated by dressage. It was a natural step for me to set-up Cross Keys International Dressage Horses to help talented dressage riders find the horses they need. I look forward to introducing you to the many wonderful dressage horses for sale I know of, and finding you that perfect match.

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